Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Coupons & Rebates By Tom Antion

Yes, it's true, coupons are not just for newspapers anymore. Not to be a downer, but I personally hate the things. I can’t imagine ever voluntarily wasting a perfectly good Sunday morning, getting paper cuts from cutting out the darn things: but to each their own. My opinion aside, there is no question that coupons and rebates are an effective sales technique. Printable coupons can be added right onto your website and cash rebates can be offered on your products (EVERYONE loves getting cash back.) The process of putting the little guys on your site is very simple and will definitely help boost your sales.
The shopping system I use,, has a coupon module that generates coupons and discount links. This module automatically deducts discounts when someone purchases a product through those links. E-coupons are a great way to make your customer feel like they “one upped” everyone else who paid full price. Coupons and rebates are excellent tools to get yourself noticed because there are not too many sites that really use them. This sales tactic is sure to get you noticed and appreciated. A customer that saves money with you, is one who will shop with you again, if you ask me

Monday, November 21, 2005

Keep It Simple, Stupid: The Beauty of a Clean Cut Website By Tom Antion

Don’t knock it; “Keep It Simple, Stupid” is a great rule to live by. Nobody likes a website to “yell” at them, with blaring colors and flashing lights. Too many buttons will turn customers off. I had this problem with my homepage at A colleague of mine, who makes a lot of money, pointed out the cluttered look of my site. I had worked so closely on every detail of the page; that I couldn’t see it for what it was anymore.
I set out to simplify my site, first by removing the banners and combining my navigational buttons. The goal was a clean looking homepage, so possible customers would not get frustrated or confused and click away.
I also eliminated many of the choices on my site, narrowing it down to two groups for my main clientele, “Need a Speaker” or “Be a Speaker.” The concept here is to make it simple for my customers to locate what it is they are looking for. Reducing the choices on my site will save customers from having to wade through all of my stuff. This would do nothing more than waste their time and reflect poorly on me and my ability to help them.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Pamphlets and the Money They’ll Put in Your Pocket

People are making a fortune on pamphlets. If you go into an airport you can purchase a pamphlet for around $6.95, and it probably cost under fifty cents to produce. It blows my mind to think that little folded up booklets are the sole reason that some people are rich today. It’s crazy.
I know a woman who is selling one of these little books on how to design cool business cards. Her pamphlet consists of 100 tips and a bunch of folded white paper. Her price? Five bucks a pop. Pamphlets are great because the production cost is cheap and they can be sold in bulk to companies who will give them away as a goodwill item. They are also an impulse buy based on cheap price and good information. Be sure to focus more attention to your bigger sales. Pamphlets can be given away if they are distracting customers from your more expensive packages.
A friend of mine has a book, not a pamphlet, but not a textbook either. He sold the rights to his creation, and did not even have to print or ship it; they handled everything. A couple hundred thousand copies later, he has a big chunk of money in his hand and he hasn’t lifted a finger since he wrote it.
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