Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Virus Protection

First of all, what is a virus? A virus is a computer program that is written by someone either wanting to be cute, or more maliciously, wanting to do real damage. It can be distributed either online or via computer via computer disks. In many cases, the virus replicates itself on its way to delivering its dastrdly deed.
That deed could be something as simple as making a pop-up say, "Bill Gates is a jerk" or something more insidious like erasing your entire hard drive or worse.
Viruses can't damage hardware. You don't have to worry about your screen blowing up or your hard drive being physically damaged. Viruses only damage software and data files, which are usually much more valuable to you than hardware anyway.
What do you have to do to protect yourself from viruses?

If you faithfully do these things, you should very little trouble with viruses.


Symantec Norton Anti-virus
Mcafee Anti-virus

Backing up
Symantec Norton Ghost
Symantec Roll back

Windows Update


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