Monday, May 22, 2006

Tom Antion Holds Netaim teleseminar May 25

Tom Antion is having a Teleseminar with the Internet Association of Information Marketers on Thursday, May 25 that will teach Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced internet marketing techniques (depending on level). Those who wish to sign up may sign up at We have monthly teleseminars with Tom Antion, thus a monthly fee must be paid.

Teleseminar Details
Tom Antion
Day/Date: Thursday, May 25
4:00 pm EST Level One
2:00 Pm EST Level Two
12:00 n EST Level Three
Fee for the seminar:
$15 monthly for Level One membership
$33 monthly for Level Two memberships
$50 monthly for Level Three memberships

"ALL registrants have a chance to sign up for a contest to Tom Antion’s retreat center!”

For more information contact us at (305) 534-8846

Monday, May 01, 2006

Create an Online Media Room By Joan Stewart

Bart Baggett wants media people everywhere to know that he hasappeared on some of the top TV talk and news shows in the U.S.and in prestigious magazines like Biography. So in the media roomat his website, under a button titled "For the Media," hereprints the logos of media outlets where stories about him haveappeared. What a great way to establish instant credibility.
Bart is a handwriting expert and has appeared on more than 1,300TV and radio shows. Is it any wonder? He does a great job lettingthe media know how he can help them. His media room also featurespress releases, including two that are tie-ins to Valentine's Dayand National Handwriting Week in January.
He also gives the media ideas on how they can dovetail stories onnational news events to his areas of expertise. For example, onCNN, Bart analyzed the handwriting in letters sent during theanthrax scare. In other media outlets, he analyzed TimothyMcVeigh's prison letters and showed how McVeigh's handwritingrevealed a callous character.
There's lots more you can learn by visiting Bart's site. Heoffers punchy testimonials from media people who love him. Hesupplies a list of questions for radio and TV interviewers. Andhe gives specific instructions on easy ways for TV and radio showhosts to obtain handwriting samples from their audience membersso Bart can analyze them on the air. What media person wouldn'twant to interview him?
Bart says he used another publicity trick that paid offhandsomely. When he was interviewed by Biography magazine, hesent the magazine photos of what he looked like as a child. Ifmagazines print childhood photos of celebrities, he reasoned, andthey print his, he too will be viewed as a celebrity. Sureenough, the magazine did. And he got more space that he wouldhave gotten had he not sent the photos.
If you want media people calling you for interviews, you mustbuild a compelling online media room and media kit. More thanever, media people often check out sources’ web sites beforecalling the sources. They want to see if you’re worth the phonecall. They want to find out if you’re media-savvy. And sometimesthey want to see what other media have interviewed you. If no oneelse has, why should they bother?
You'll find hundreds of tips on how to build an online media roomand media kit in the one-hour tape or CD called "Electronic MediaKits: How to Create Them, Deliver Them and See Instant Results,"in which I interview publicist Bev Harris. of Itcomes with a doanloadable handout of my favorite online mediarooms built by Fortune 100 companies down and sole proprietors.

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