Monday, May 22, 2006

Tom Antion Holds Netaim teleseminar May 25

Tom Antion is having a Teleseminar with the Internet Association of Information Marketers on Thursday, May 25 that will teach Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced internet marketing techniques (depending on level). Those who wish to sign up may sign up at We have monthly teleseminars with Tom Antion, thus a monthly fee must be paid.

Teleseminar Details
Tom Antion
Day/Date: Thursday, May 25
4:00 pm EST Level One
2:00 Pm EST Level Two
12:00 n EST Level Three
Fee for the seminar:
$15 monthly for Level One membership
$33 monthly for Level Two memberships
$50 monthly for Level Three memberships

"ALL registrants have a chance to sign up for a contest to Tom Antion’s retreat center!”

For more information contact us at (305) 534-8846

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